Our vision of success for this project is a 30% increase in the productivity of yam cultivation for at least 320,000 smallholder yam farmers in six states (Enugu, Benue, Nasarawa, Federal Capital Territory, Niger and Oyo) of Nigeria and two regions (Brong Ahafo and Northern) of Ghana.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all the advances made in establishing the system in YIIFSWA-I are fully transferred to and operationalized by NARIs and private seed companies, while enhanced on-farm good agronomic packages are accessed and utilized by seed and ware yam farmers for increased productivity and income generation.

To realize the vision of an economically sustainable, commercial yam seed system in Nigeria and Ghana, Context Global Development and Sahel Capital, will provide advisory support and establishment of appropriate business models to strengthen the marketing and operations skills of the private seed companies engaged in using AS for basic seed production.

The project team will coach and work closely with the private seed companies on implementing the business plans and organize trials to demonstrate value of quality seed yam of improved varieties, with a specific focus on engaging women entrepreneurs.