The expected impact from implementation of YIIFSWA-II over the next five years will be improved livelihoods of at least 1.6 million people who depend directly on the yam value chain (including seed and ware yam producers and their family members, processors, marketers, transporters, consumers etc.).

Key projected results

The success of the SEs is linked to a dependable and affordable supply of quality basic seed from private seed companies.

  • Private basic seed companies have invested in establishment of AS technology for production and supply of basic seed of improved varieties at affordable price and accessible to the certified SEs
  • Improved varieties pre-basic seed production will be done by the NARIs using the TIBS
  • Capacities of the seed inspectors and regulators are strengthened in quality assurance and functional seed yam certification system ;
  • Strengthened capacities of SEs to undertake seed yam production as a business (producing, distributing quality seed of improved varieties, and selling them profitably);
  • Increased institutionalization and investments in yam by the governments and development partners; and
  • Enhanced decision-making roles of women in the seed yam supply and delivery systems