YIIFSWA-II Transfers 200,000 units of 25 g of foundation seed yam to IITA GoSeed

In March 2021, 200,000 units of 25 g high-quality seed tubers of improved varieties, TDr 95/19177 (Kpamyo) and TDr 89/02665 (Asiedu), produced from trials in 2020 by the Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA-II) Project, phase two, in Ibadan and Abuja, were transferred to IITA GoSeed. At the handing over event, Dr. Norbert Maroya, YIIFSWA-II Project Leader, said, “the project is giving these planting materials as a starter stock to support and strengthen IITA GoSeed’s capacity in EGS production so that when YIIFSWA-II closes, they will be able to continue producing seed on a commercial basis.” Dr. Morufat Balogun, the YIIFSWA-II Breeder Seed Production Coordinator added that “the project is doing this to ensure that a sustainable formal seed system is established. We don’t want seed production to end with YIIFSWA-II in December. The project desires EGS production to continue cost-effectively and sustainably. That is why the project is handing over production activities to IITA GoSeed.”


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