YIIFSWA-II Newsletter – Issue 01 (August 2017)

Welcome to the first Issue of the newsletter for the Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa Phase 2 project (YIIFSWAII). We produce a newsletter on a bi-annual basis, sharing progress. The objective is to provide you with key information regarding the development of the formal seed yam system in Nigeria and Ghana. Download newsletter

YIIFSWA-II Field Day: harvest of seed yam tuber from one node vine cuttings

Last October, YIIFSWA planted 4000 aeroponics one node vine cuttings and will be harvesting them today as foundation seed tubers. Farmers from all over Oyo state have been invited to witness the harvest of these seed tubers and validate the yield potential of aeroponics one node vine cuttings. Date: Tuesday, 2nd May 2017 Time: 10:00 am Venue: BS1 (field plot), …